We’re Pleased to Announce our New Home!

After a multi year search, we have found a new building!

The Museum has purchased a new building! We’re not open yet, but stay tuned!

This purchase will ensure that we will not have to worry about leases and landlords. To get our new space open as soon as possible, we have split construction in to two phases. Phase 1 will open up about 2,000 square feet to the public in late 2019/early 2020 (if everything goes as planned).

To stay informed, make sure you’re on the Mailing List.

To make this happen, we need your help!

  • Donate. Retrofitting a building is a huge undertaking and is going to take funds. Every dollar counts! To find out ways to give, check out our donation page

  • Volunteer. We will be moving the entire our collection of 20,000 objects in to the Museum before the end of 2019! Can you donate a day to move boxes? Do you have access to a van, truck or trailer that you could lend us? Email Wendy at director@dmmdt.org or call 303-322-1053.

  • Share your connections. Do have connections to hardware stores? Are you an electrician/plumber/builder? Run a moving company? Have a scout troop that needs volunteer hours? Are you a PR expert? Do you have skills we may need? Let us know! The more supplies and skills we can get donated, the lower our costs will be. Email Wendy at director@dmmdt.org or call 303-322-1053.